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The system allows the ultimate climate control throughout your residence . You can quickly create your home climate schedules and adjust the temperature and level of humidity status even remotely while away from home. Every single room of your house can be climatized according to different needs . The systems are designed not only to provide convenience but also better energy efficiency.
lighting control systems allows complete control of light sources. You can control the brightness of the lights according to the level of ambient light available, or other criteria; extinguish all the lights of the house at a predetermined time and date range; turn the light on or off with the use of a remote wireless device; change the ambient colour of a room via the lights used or by using RGB LEDs (mood control) Natural lighting control involves controlling window shades, LCD shades, draperies and awnings
The security system allows you to manage your security from the palm of your hand. You can lock and unlock your doors; arm your alarm system remotely ; get alarm alerts in case an anomaly ia detected.